1. The man must be sincere and earnest in his desire to receive help, and willing to cooperate with those aiding in his recovery.

2. He must commit himself to stay the duration of the program, which is eight weeks.

3. He must be willing to abstain completely from all forms of alcohol and drugs.

4. We do NOT assist with follow-up housing or employment placement. Each man must have an Exit Plan in place before entering Elim Home.

5. Elim will not accept applicants who are completing a drug program due to a sentencing agreement with the court system.

6. We reserve the right to reject any applicant or participant that we feel hinders the mission or goals of Elim Home and Thomas Road Baptist Church

Where is Elim Home located?
We are currently located in Madison Heights, VA, just six miles from Lynchburg.
How long is the program?
The program is 8 weeks.
How much does it cost?
Our program is absolutely free! We are completely operated by donations. We do ask for a $100 deposit when the participant arrives, which will be refunded at the end of the eight weeks. This deposit is for any incidentals that may occur during the time at Elim.
What should I bring?
A complete list of items will be mailed out once the application has been completed and the results of the HIV test has been received.
What will my day look like when I get there?
A typical weekday includes:
8:30-9:30— Devotions
10:00-11:00— Study Time
12:00— Lunch
12:30-4:00— Work Assignments
5:00— Dinner
7:00— Devotions
10:00— Quiet in the building
11:00— Lights out
Our schedule may be updated at any time, but will follow a similar pattern to what is listed above.
Do you currently have a women’s program?
We do not have a women’s program. For a listing of women’s facilities, please call our office at 434-592-5629.
How long is the wait list?
The wait time is dependent on how many applications are currently in the system. On average the wait is two to four weeks after the application and test results are received.