What is the cost?
There in no charge to attend; however, each man is asked to bring a $100 cash emergency depost


How do I apply?
The man must call to complete a phone interview and then get an HIV blood test. Once the HIV results have been received, he will be placed on our waiting list.


Where do I get the HIV test?
Most county health departments offer HIV testing.


How long is the waiting list?
The average wait is 2-4 weeks.          Call for more details.


What can I expect?
Biblical classes, academic work, scripture memorization, counseling and church services.

Do you offer detox services?
No, we are NOT a medical facility as our primary focus is to help men find deliverance from substance abuse through Salvation in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Do you provide counseling services?
Yes, the men are required to attend individual counseling sessions each week.


Do you have a program for women?
No, but you can download a list of women’s facilities by clicking this link.


What should I bring?
A comprehensive list will be sent to you once you complete the application process.


Can I smoke cigarettes?
Yes, we have a “smoking pad” outside where participants an smoke.            NO E-cigarettes, vapes, or chewing tobacco/dip.