It is important to realize that our program itself cannot change a man’s desires. Only when one genuinely seeks Christ will he find ultimate deliverance from bondage to alcohol and drug abuse. With that in mind, here is a sample of some programming the men are involved in while with Elim:

1. Personal Bible study, which requires looking up Scripture verses and answering corresponding questions. The purpose of this study is to help lay a Biblical foundation for the rest of each man’s life.
2. Two large group meetings are held daily. These are Bible-centered, cover a variety of subjects and are typically led by guest speakers and pastors in the area.
3. Group and individual counseling sessions are required weekly. We provide counseling when we see a specific need that can be met in the lives of the men or their families.
4. Scripture memorization verses are assigned weekly.
5. The men are required to attend all services at Thomas Road Baptist Church, totaling three weekly.
6. Reading assignments are given as we see the need. Everyone is required to read How To Say No To a Stubborn Habit: Even When You Feel Like Saying Yes. This book facilitates an introspective look at where the responsibility for behavior lies and gives practical steps toward the freedom Christ provides.
7. Work assignments are performed Monday through Friday. The work assignments include, and are not limited to, grounds maintenance, facility cleaning and general handiwork.


We have not designed our program to be strictly regimented. Sufficient free time is provided to accomplish assignments and establish daily personal devotions, Bible study and prayer time, while still leaving the men plenty of recreation time. We hope that each man will develop a Godly lifestyle that he will follow when he leaves Elim Home.

A Room at Elim Home


The home itself is peaceful, located in a rural setting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia. Our facilities are situated on ten acres with large trees, an operational farm and a creek; the men reside comfortably in dormitory style living with two men to a room.



Considerable controversy exists about whether there is, or should be, a distinct field of counseling under the label of “Christian counseling.” Here at Elim Home we strongly affirm that Christian counseling is a discrete branch of counseling and psychotherapy.  We are firmly persuaded that the claims of Christ upon a believer and the rich texture of the Christian lifestyle cannot be divorced from the healing process.  The direction and insights of Scripture and the bracing power of prayer form the essence of the process of restoration. The tendency then is for a skeptic to assume that a Christian counseling approach is a diluted form of therapy which spreads a thin façade of professional counseling over a religious exhortation to simply try harder to be a good person.  Quite the contrary, Christian counseling, at its best, is an in-depth work of interpersonal exploration and healing of human brokenness.  By coming alongside the hurting person, the Christian counselor seeks, through empathetic understanding and compassionate objectivity, a lofty goal.  That supreme objective is the optimal blending of divinely revealed truth with the scientific, clinical insights gained from psychotherapy.  Christian counseling is a thoroughly professional approach to personal problems that integrates both the psychological and theological understandings of human functioning. In summary, Christian counseling attempts to integrate all that is valid from competent clinical counseling with all that is relevant to the personal issue from the context of Biblical truth and faith in Christ.